Do you need to store a large volume of unstructured data, access and manipulate it securely?

OUTSCALE Object Storage (OOS) is a secure and resilient object storage solution by 3DS OUTSCALE. With OOS, your data is stored on a highly secure and sovereign OUTSCALE Cloud which is HDS (health data hosting) certified and SecNumCloud qualified by ANSSI (The National Cybersecurity Agency of France).

OOS integrates with other services by 3DS OUTSCALE and is compatible with market standards and based on Scality RING technology. But there is more: free inbound and outbound traffic so you only pay for your data!

OUTSCALE Object Storage in 4 words:

– Resilience: your data is automatically replicated,

– Availability: seamless update and continuity of service,

– Scalability: adapts to your needs as they evolve,

– On-demand: you only pay for the storage you have actually used.

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