Les fondateurs de Kipsum, Dr. Rami Abou-Eid et Philippe Chevalier, présentent leur gestionnaire énergétique intelligent, connecté et made in France !

Kipsum est un spécialiste dans l’efficacité énergétique des systèmes. La solution permet, grâce à l’IA et au Cloud sécurisé, d’optimiser la consommation énergétique dans de nombreux domaines, notamment bâtiments tertiaires et industriels, moyens de transports et éclairage public… Vous aimeriez en savoir plus ? Visitez OUTSCALE.com !


Kipsum is a company specialized in system energy efficiency. We created a smart and connected energy efficiency solution. We install sensors (made in France) and complete the data with the information that is collected from the system. By the “system” we mean a tertiary or industrial building, a lighting system or a vehicle. All the collected information is then transferred to the secure Cloud by 3DS OUTSCALE and next we create a digital twin. This digital twin allows us, with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, to optimize the system’s energy consumption, comfort or lighting.

As opposed to what usually happens in our sector, a Cloud service allows us to collect the data from a building and to define the system’s optimal functioning conditions thanks to artificial intelligence. Our clients have a 24/7 access to the data, our estimations, analysis and recommendations. Our clients trust us thanks to the secured Cloud infrastructure we are using.

We operate within an ecosystem at very high environmental and societal stakes: the increasing scarcity of primary resources has led companies to think differently about energy optimization. It is now companies’ duty to do so. In this context, we have a diverse customer base: municipalities, communities with needs for street lighting and their tertiary buildings. There are major industrial companies that are also willing to optimize their commercial and industrial buildings. Finally, we have customers among the energy giants.

Our technology is a response to the need for energy efficiency measures. It will maximize the energy efficiency of a system by eliminating all types of waste. It will likely be recommended, even required by the next legislative texts or standards that will organize the energy transition process.

The OUTSCALE for Entrepreneurs program helped us quickly get an idea of what benefits a Cloud service could bring to our product. We very quickly realized the advantages of the services provided by 3DS OUTSCALE. Our mentor showed us all the opportunities in a very personalized way with a lot of patience and a remarkable pedagogical talent.